4 Things to Know Before You Start Working Out

This time you will succeed!

Before you start working out you should set yourself up for success.  As someone that is new to working out you probably aren't complete sure what to expect.  You have probably tried before and something got in the way, maybe you have heard of or felt the horror of soreness, maybe the risk of injury has always held you back.

These four things will get you ready to start working out and help keep you going.

If you can identify your challenges you can plan ways to overcome them when they try to stop you.  Why would you hope something won't happen when you can stop it from happening?

Trying to understand the things that lead to you being too sore, G.A.S. and D.O.M.S., will make it so you are not suffering needlessly. Exercise should make you feel better! If a level of try hard made you not want to get out of bed, than you tried too hard.

The parts of a good workout exist to help you get more out your workouts and be safe while doing it.  By understanding those parts you will be able to get the most out of them.

Finally, you will need to adapt.  No matter how good your plan is, it will not survive contact with the real world.  Be ready to change the plan and don't fall for the all or nothing trap. Some is always better than none.


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Accept The Challenge

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Feel Confident

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