A Quick Start For Fitness Goals

New Hampshire Kenpo Karate

This time our aim is to give you 3 easy steps to overcome the things that are getting in the way. Getting in the way of being fit, getting in the way of feeling adventurous, or getting in the way of becoming unstoppable.

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Find Time To Exercise

You can Find Time To Exercise by doing 4 simple things:

Starting Small, Being Consistent, Accidental Exercise, and Exceeding Expectations.

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Working Out At Home

At Home New Hampshire

Motivation, fitting the workouts in, the space or the equipment, and what exercises to do. We set you up for success with a few ways to overcome each challenge.

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Start Being Active

View of New Hampshire

In the dojo, we use karate, kickboxing, and training camp adventures to get you living more adventurously. This article will give you the tips to start at home

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The Fitness Journey

Gunstock Mountain Resort

Every time you start toward a new fitness goal you start The Fitness Journey all over again. Knowing the path will make it easier to reach the “end”.

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Pain vs Gain

Risk Assessment

Everyone has a line. A line where the risk outweighs the reward. It is not up to anyone but you to decide where that line is and then deal with the outcome.

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