A Quick Start For Fitness Goals

New Hampshire Kenpo Karate

This time our aim is to give you 3 easy steps to overcome the things that are getting in the way. Getting in the way of being fit, getting in the way of feeling adventurous, or getting in the way of becoming unstoppable.

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Find Time To Exercise

You can Find Time To Exercise by doing 4 simple things:

Starting Small, Being Consistent, Accidental Exercise, and Exceeding Expectations.

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Set Goals That Motivate

Box jumps regressed

You tell yourself “I’m going to do…..” and then only work toward that goal for about a week. You need a better goal. Set goals that motivate.

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Adapting To Fitness Challenges


Deviate from the plan to adapt to fitness challenges. This advice, taken to the extreme, can be detrimental, but when done with care, can lead to great rewards.

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