Keep Motivated and Get Fit with a Group or in Personal Training Sessions

Conditioning makes you...

What's Involved

  • Follow a Program

    TransformDojo has many different programs ready for you with our At Home Membership.  In the Conditioning class we follow one of them at a time as a group, making shaping up easy.

  • Self Motivation Not Required

    Working out at home is not for everyone.  Some of us perfer to workout with a group that will push us, mativate us, and make exercising fun.

  • Sensei is There For You

    You will be positive that you have good form and are getting the most out of every workout.  Sensei will help you adapt the workout for your goals.

You don't have to workout alone.  Jump into our Conditioning class and get fit with a supportive community.

16+ yrs

45 min

Does your child need a fun way to get fit as a fighter?