Kenpo Karate

It is never too late to earn your black belt!

Kenpo Karate makes you...

What's Involved

  • Confidence, Focus, Self Defense

    In this class, we learn and practice the techniques needed to earn your Black Belt and Become a Master of Kenpo Karate.  Kenpo teaches confidence, focus, and self defense that works.

  • For All Ages

    Are you looking to start training or are you looking for you children?  We have classes that are planned to help you (or them) learn best!

  • Small Classes, Guaranteed

    Ever Kenpo Karate class will never be more than 8 students.  That leaves more time for the Sensei to work with you.

Your black belt is not as far as you think.  All you have to do is start and you will get there.

6+ yrs

45-60 min

Do you want to have the cardio of a championship fighter?