Karate training to live a more fit and adventurous life.

Small groups, flexible classes, and personal attention for people who want a new way to get fit.

TransformDojo LLC, Martial Arts, Concord, NH

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249 Sheep Davis Rd STE 3 Concord NH, 03301

You have always wanted to try karate but it feels like it’s too late.

Martial Arts seems like it’s for kids and the big classes, where everyone is either a teenager or an instructor, are less than inviting. 

You can imagine how good it would feel to earn your black belt but there doesn’t seem to be a class that fits your age and ability.

Let’s be honest, with work and family, who has the time to go to class regularly anyway?

At TransformDojo, karate is for adults, just like you, who are looking to get fit, become a little more adventurous, and want a smaller, more personalized class.

We know this is all new to you and even just walking in the doors can be nerve racking.  You are probably thinking your memory is terrible and you are going to make a fool of yourself if you do jump into class.  We want you to know this is how most of us felt our first time in a class and we are happy to explain and demonstrate every punch, step, and technique as many times as you want.


We’d like to invite you to participate in (or watch) a session so you can see what working toward your black belt would be like for you.

At TransformDojo, we take the guesswork out of training and practice.

At Home Supplement

We all forget the new things by the time we get home, so we have videos of Sensei Jacob talking through and demonstrating each move for you to follow along at home.

Flexible Class Schedule

We offer morning, evening, and weekend classes, available to fit your schedule.

Small Class Size

You won’t find any classes of 10, 12, or 15 here. All our classes are maxed out at 6 people to ensure the personalized experience you deserve.

To keep you progressing, our program has three main focuses: Basics, Forms, and Defenses


This is the foundation of everything else and we always start here.  We teach you all the punches, kicks, and moves you will use in the rest of your training.


This may not be the most practical part of our training but this is where we master balance and learn to use our whole body to move and react.


We start by working each technique to the air to get the moves down. When you are ready, we practice our punch and grab defenses with partners to master them.

3 steps to exercise that's more fun

Step 1

Find a class to attend or watch

Choose a class you’d like to visit and select on this page. (Attend a Class)

Step 2

Experience TransformDojo

Find your place and have some fun at the studio with Sensei Jacob and our current members

Step 3

Live a more fit and adventurous life.

Feel better and have the strength and fitness to do everything you used to do, and more!

Being overweight, over 50, and having breathing issues I knew I needed to to make a change but wasn't sure where to start.  I tried karate years ago and decided to do a trial at TransformDojo. The personal trainer level workouts in the karate classes has helped me breathe and feel better than I have in years.

Terry F.

I was really nervous and almost didn’t pull into the parking lot, but I’m so glad I did. You put me at ease. I wasn’t sure I was ready to come in here and I sat in the car and talked myself into it. Now I feel great!

Joe L.

I was scared I was going to become a weak old woman. I needed an exercise program that would help me get fit.  Never thought it would be Karate or Kickboxing, but I love training with Sensei Jacob at TransformDojo! 

Wanda J.

Do you feel the same way? Find a class you’d like to attend now!

3 Ways to Try TransformDojo

1 Class Trial

Free Trial Class

Investment $0

  • Pick any class to try
  • Adults and kids ages 6 yrs +
  • No commitment 

This is for you if:

  • You're not sure which of our fitness programs will be the right fit.
  • Becoming more fit and adventurous feels exciting but don't know how it will fit in your schedule yet.

After This You Can:

  • Join our 4 Week Challenge, the next Training Camp, or Become a Member.
  • Use what you learn to supercharge your exercise at home and elsewhere.

*One free class per person.  Come try it. You will love it!

4 Week Challenge:

Family Fit Challenge

Investment: $99/household

  • One price for the whole family
  • Adults and kids ages 6 yrs +
  • Win a free guided Adventure

This is for you if:

  • You want a short commitment and earn free stuff.
  • Your family could use the extra motivation of training together.
  • Your tired of exercising just to exercise.

After This You Can:

  • Continue your training by Becoming a Member, or Joining a Training Camp
  • Stay active by going on adventures with us.

*This challenge can only be accepted once per family. Good Luck!

6 Week Focused Training:

Training Camps for Adventure

Investment: $199-229

  • Kickboxing style workouts to get you ready for the group adventure.
  • 6 Weeks fitness program for adults
  • All ages welcome on our beginner friendly Adventures

This is for you if:

  • You are looking for some group motivation to get you trying new exciting activities.
  • You want an easy step to living a more adventurous life.

After This You Can:

  • Join the next Training Camp with a 30% discount or Become a Member.
  • Accept the Family Fit Challenge.

*Members get 50% off of all adventures and the training camp is included in the membership.

Guided Group Adventures and 6 Week Fitness Programs

Getting fit should be about more than losing weight.  Staying fit is easier when you have and activity you love.  Training Camp Adventures are here to help you get fit and find that activity.  We spend 6 weeks in the studio doing classes a week.  Each class is a kickboxing style workout that is designed to get you ready for the group activity at the end.  We go hiking, climbing, skiing and more.

What'cha waiting for?

If attending a class feels too intimidating, that’s okay! We’d love for you to come watch a class so you can see what’s right for you.

Get ready to adventure at home for Free

You’ll get a free 6+ week fitness program you can follow at home without any equipment and just a little space.

You deserve to have fun while discovering your fit and adventurous life. Get into the studio at TransformDojo!

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