Kids Fitness

Run. Jump. Duck. Dive. Dodge.

Kids Fitness makes you...

What's Involved

  • Safe, Fun, Strong

    In this class, your child will workout without realizing they are doing so.  The will run obstical courses, take on challenges, and get fit as a fighter.

  • Part Of The Couch

    It can be a.... struggle to get your kids off the couch and being active.  They will have so much fun in our Kids Fitness class that they will be waiting in the car for you.

  • It Is Just a 1/2 Hour

    Long classes are difficult for your kids to stay focussed and keep energy up.  This short class will make sure they are able to push themselves for the entire class.

Shouldn't your kids want to be active?  Then they need to enjoy their active time.

6-12 yrs

30 min

Are you ready to have a more personal touch in your training?