Personal Training to live a more fit and adventurous life.

Personalized workouts and a plan that will help you get back to your favorite pastimes.

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You know you want to get out and enjoy the great outdoors

Or even just keep up with your favorite pastime, like gardening or biking - but as time goes on, you have noticed it's harder and harder to kneel down to get to the weeds or ride longer distances.  You want to agree to the game of tag with the special little ones in your life, but you're ready to take a break much sooner these days. The doc says you need to do something to get moving, but gyms feel intimidating and your inexperience is on display for everyone to see.

At TransformDojo, our personal training is for people just like you, who are looking to do more than just lose weight.

We know when you think of personal training, you imagine a drill sergeant yelling at the person on the squat machine. You won’t find either at TransformDojo.  We focus on body weight exercises and .. movements to make walking, playing, biking, and life feel easier.  Our Senseis (coaches) will push you with positive feedback and do everything they can to squash the negative voice in your head.  Patience and a progressive plan for success will keep you reaching your fitness goals.


We'd like to invite you to participate in a session, so you can see what training in our studio could be like for you.

At TransfromDojo, you'll get exactly what you need to get fit again.

Personalized Plan

You deserve a trainer who will meet you where you’re at, right now, and guide you to your goals.

At Home Supplements

Pre-recorded workouts and tips to keep you progressing, even when you can’t make it to the studio.

Professional Training

Guided training from multiple fitness disciplines with daily and weekly objectives.

To get the results you deserve, our program focusses on three core trainings:


We use principles of karate and science-backed fitness training to focus on improving stability for more control over your body.


We combine exercise equipment you might be familiar with, like kettlebells and medicine balls, with elements of kickboxing to increase and build whole-body strength.


For those who are ready for more, we can add intensity and speed to our stability and strength training.  Don't worry, we never start here.

3 steps to exercise that's more fun

Step 1

Find a class to attend or watch

Choose a class you’d like to visit and select on this page. (Attend a Class)

Step 2

Experience TransformDojo

Find your place and have some fun at the studio with Sensei Jacob and our current members

Step 1

Live a more fit and adventurous life.

Feel better and have the strength and fitness to do everything you used to do, and more!

I was looking to improve my fitness level and continue training in karate, however I did not have time in my schedule for both a gym and a karate studio. Luckily, I found TransformDojo, which satisfies both of my categories; fitness and karate. Sensei Jacob’s training workouts and karate lessons exceed my expectations and I am well on my way to attain my fitness goals.

Matt S.

I was really nervous and almost didn’t pull into the parking lot, but I’m so glad I did. You put me at ease. I wasn’t sure I was ready to come in here and I sat in the car and talked myself into it. Now I feel great!

Joe L.

I was scared I was going to become a weak old woman. I needed an exercise program that would help me get fit.  Never thought it would be Karate or Kickboxing, but I love training with Sensei Jacob at TransformDojo! 

Wanda J.

The doctor told me I needed to improve my health but the gym is the last place I wanted to be. I found a fun way to get fit that works with my schedule at TransformDojo.

Wayne L.

Do you feel the same way? Find a class you’d like to attend now!

The best place to start:

Attend a Class

Investment: FREE

  • Look at our class schedule and choose one that works best for you.
  • If you're not ready to dive right, you are more than welcome to watch.

This is for you if:

  • You want to see a class before making a commitment.
  • You're uncertain of what TransformDojo classes look like in action

Membership options after you've attended your first free class:

Standard Membership

Investment: $199/month

  • Unlimited group classes
  • One private 1:1 training per month
  • Unlimited access to online classes

This is for you if:

  • You're ready to see significant progress in your level of fitness.
  • Coming to the studio more than once a week feels exciting for you.
  • You want to climb the belt ranks and get to black belt.

*add on more private 1:1 training sessions at a discounted rate
**various payment options available

Hybrid Membership

Investment: $139/month

  • One group class per week
  • One private 1:1 training per month
  • Unlimited access to online classes

This is for you if:

  • You have a busy schedule but still want live a fit life.
  • You want the flexibility to train at home or in the studio.
  • You're interested in the benefits of karate without the pressure of belt ranking

*add on more private 1:1 trainings or group classes with punch passes

Get fit on a flexible schedule - and supplement with equipment-free at-home training

We get it, committing to several days a week might not be in the cards for your busy schedule. We offer flexible programs so you can practice in the studio once or twice a week or supplement  at home on your schedule. Our goal at TransformDojo is to help you feel better incrementally and not push you to a rigorous workout routine.

What'cha waiting for?

If attending a class feels too intimidating, that’s okay! We’d love for you to come watch a class so you can see what’s right for you.

Sign up to get a free at-home workout

You’ll get our free video, then you’ll get a new 5-minute workout each Wednesday delivered straight to your inbox.

You deserve to have fun while discovering your fit and adventurous life. Get into the studio at TransformDojo!

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