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To make it easy for our members to access the online resources and schedule classes we use the MyStudio App. Directions to install it are below.

Scheduling Classes as a Member

We use MyStudio to schedule classes. After your first session you can you use the app or the schedule below to save your spot in class.

Practice and Workout At Home

At Home Resources include everything from belt material practice videos to follow along workout videos that can be accessed below or on the app.

Continuing Ed.

Whether you are looking to try something new, learn about the martial art we teach at TransformDojo, or improve your mindset, the articles will help you live more fit and adventuously.

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Hike NH

5 Exercises To Hike Like a Pro

Hiking is a super fun and easy way to get outside and enjoy the mountains, unfortunately, it also has a way of showing us just how much better we could be.
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Flexibility at TFD

4 Things to Know Before You Start Working Out

Before you start working out you should know your challenges, understand G.A.S. and D.O.M.S., learn the parts of a workout, and be ready to adapt.
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New Hampshire Kenpo Karate

A Quick Start For Fitness Goals

This time our aim is to give you 3 easy steps to overcome the things that are getting in the way. Getting in the way of being fit, getting in the way of feeling adventurous, or getting in the way of becoming unstoppable.
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Find Time To Exercise

You can Find Time To Exercise by doing 4 simple things:Starting Small, Being Consistent, Accidental Exercise, and Exceeding Expectations.
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At Home New Hampshire

Working Out At Home

Motivation, fitting the workouts in, the space or the equipment, and what exercises to do. We set you up for success with a few ways to overcome each challenge.
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View of New Hampshire

Start Being Active

In the dojo, we use karate, kickboxing, and training camp adventures to get you living more adventurously. This article will give you the tips to start at home
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Martial Arts in Concord New Hampshire

Which Martial Art Is Best For Self Defense?

Which martial art is best for self defense? We go over the pros and the cons for a few so you can make your own choice.
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Martial Arts Family

Parents Get Fit Too

Parents get fit too! Your children will grow into their own people but the model that you set for them will give them the base that they are starting with.
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