Intermediate Kickboxing Program Overview

The Summary

  • Have you always want to start kickboxing but aren't comfortable joining a group class?

    You may already have the basics, but Intermediate Kickboxing will help you feel even more like a fighter.  Learn in the comfort of your home with no one to watch you take the steps toward being a great fighter.

  • By Itself Or With Another Program

    This program will stand alone or will pair with any of the Phase programs perfectly.  You decide how much you want to push yourself.

  • We Start Where We Finished

    In Beginner Kickboxing, you learned the basics.  Now, it is time for you to take the next step and improve your skills as a fighter.

"This is the program I look forward to because it is fun to do." - D./Online Member

Do you want to start kickboxing but feel awkward and self-concious in a group classes? TransformDojo's Beginner Kickboxing offers you a way to learn basic from the comfort of home.