Shape Up- Phase 1 Program Overview

The Summary

  • Do You Feel Clumsy? Weak? Out of Shape?

    You are not alone.  Many people say they are just uncoordinated or clumsy, when all they really need to do it training their muscles a little.

  • This Program is Our Most Adaptable Program

    Almost everyone will see progress by following this Program.  You can be new to working out, a seasoned pro, or someone who has dropped the ball as of late.  If the doctor says you are good to workout and you don't have any underlying issues this program will help you.

  • Start With A Plan. Follow The Weeks. See Results.

    Each and every program we have guides you through each step.  We are not going to leave you alone to wonder through the gym (which I guess is your home...) alone.

"I can really feel my balance getting better and muscles getting stronger. Loving it!" - W/First 10 Member

Many people think of themselves as Clumsy, Uncoordinated, or Out of Shape. With TransformDojo's Shape Up our participants follow the step by step workout plan and find out that they do not need to be Clumbsy or Out of Shape anymore.