Shape Up - Phase 2 Program Overview

The Summary

  • You have Completed Phase 1!

    With phase 1 done and some rest time taken, it is time for you to jump back in and continue getting fit as a fighter.  Shape Up - Phase 2 is the next step.

  • You're Feeling Good? Let's Feel Stronger and More Balanced!

    Shape Up - Phase 2 is designed to help you reach the same goals as Phase 1. We go about it in a slightly different way.  That change makes the workouts less boring for you and ensures that you continue to see improvement.

  • Just a Half Hour

    Just like the last phase, we continue to understand that you are busy or not ready to workout for hours on end so we keep each day to about a half hour long, with little to no equipment needed.

"I can really feel my balance getting better and muscles getting stronger. Loving it!" - W/First 10 Member

Many people think of themselves as Clumsy, Uncoordinated, or Out of Shape. With TransformDojo's Shape Up our participants follow the step by step workout plan and find out that they do not need to be Clumbsy or Out of Shape anymore.