4 Weeks, Unlimited Group Classes, and Rewards for Coming to Classes

- One price for the whole family $99 -

- TransformDojo

The more classes you join the more benefits you will feel.

- Better Fitness -

The more you can come to class during your trial, the more you will see how much TransformDojo will improve your fitness.  Fun, Challenging, and Adventure focused training.

- Self Defense -

Self defense that works takes more than one class to learn. Coming to more classes will give you the basics needed to be able to get out of any situation.

- The Rewards -

5 classes during the 4 weeks earns you any Adventure for Free. 10 classes will get you a metal water bottle and a whooping 20 during the 4 weeks will get you 3 months of memberships free.

TransformDojo LLC, Martial Arts, Concord, NH

(603) 715-5940


249 Sheep Davis Rd STE 3 Concord NH, 03301

At TransformDojo, our family classes will bring you together while building confidence for them, improving fitness for you, and get you all adventuring together.

Our classes are small, no more than 5. The Adult, Junior, and Family options will get everyone moving at the right pace and learning self defense. The Junior Kenpo Karate classes offer a fun, challenging way for kids to improve cardio and get solid self defense skills. The Adult Kenpo Karate and Kickboxing classes will get you feel strong and confident.


We’d like to invite you and your family to accept the Family Fit Challenge. (6 yrs +)

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