Once You Have Decided

  • All that is left is to go do the first workout.

  • Today, not Tomorrow

  • You Got This!

And Please. Stay Accountable!

  • You Need To Get The Workouts Done.

    You decided to start the program because you wanted the results.  That means that you need to hold yourself accountable.

  • Answering to Yourself Isn't Enough?

    That's OK.  Every Program, Every Workout should be reported back to Sensei Jacob.  Whether you hear from him or not, know that he cares if you make it to the end of the program.

  • Is It Time To Upgrade?

    Free Membership is limited and you might out grow it.  Do you want a more personalized program?  The Online Membership may not be enough either.  Start with the Free Membership and Upgrade or Downgrade your membership from there.