Start Being Active

You are feeling confident and capable, now it is time to start being active.

TransformDojo was started because far too many people do not feel confident and capable enough to be active.

In the dojo, we use Kenpo Karate, Personal Training, and Kickboxing to get you fit and living more adventurously.

But, what will you try first with a more fit and adventurous life?  This article is really more of a playlist of videos that gives you a step by step plan to start being active.

Start Martial Arts


As a fitness and martial arts school it only makes sense that this is where we start. The steps are easy for this one.

  1. Decide what you are looking for.  Everyone wants something different and different schools will excel at different things.
  2. Find a school that has a similar focus.  Call them up and connect with the teacher, sensei, or coach.
  3. Try a class! Even if you aren't sure what you want, start a trial and give it a shot.

I love the martial arts and they have opened many doors for me. 7, 17, or 57 you can start today and feel the benefits.

Start Hiking

Oh the places your feet can take you.  There are some amazing views and experiences out your front door, down the road, and wait for you to discover them.  You just have to do a little hiking.

  1. Get good footwear.  Hiking is great but you have to protect your feet and ankles from injury....and discomfort.
  2. Find a friend.   Bribe them, threaten them, or trade with them, just get them to go with you.
  3. Start close to home.   I would bet there is a park, rail trail, or something that is close to home and has easy things to start on.

This is a great outdoor activity to get started with because the are easy trails in most cities and a bigger challenge a short drive away when you are ready.


Start Biking


You probably already know how to ride a bike, but when is the last time you got on one.  Give this one a try on the trails or on the road.

  1. Pick a style.  Cross-country, downhill, or road, which type of biking interests you?
  2. Get a bike. How hard are you going to jump? this will change which bike you can start on.
  3. Start Easy. You may have been biking your whole life but unless you have done it recently you might be surprised by the push. start slow and build up.

There are some many options to pursue when it comes to biking.  You just have to find a bike and give them a try.

Start Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is a super fun challenge. It can be done in a gym or on the mountains and rock climbing allows a wide variety of approaches.

  1. Learn the basics.  Get to the gym and take an intro class.  They will get you started.
  2. Get the equipment.  this could be a little as getting a harness, shoes and chalk bag, but having the stuff will get you out there more.
  3. Conquer your fears.  Rock climbing is as much mental as it is physical.  You will need to learn the tricks to get yourself moving.

Some of the most chill and relaxed people I know are climbers. You will be surprised at the amount of mental fortitude goes into climbing up the wall.


Start Skiing


So many of us have wanted to ski forever.  It was just too intimidating to get started, but not anymore.

  1. Know the risks.  Skiing is far from without risk and you need to acknowledge them before you get started.
  2. Find a mountain.  Resorts are where you learn. They have rentals, lessons, and are the best place to start.
  3. Give it 3 days. 1 day is just long enough to know that skiing isn't easy. It isn't long enough to know if you love it.

Stop dreaming and start sliding. Skiing isn't as hard as you think...probably.

Start Snowboarding

Snowboarding looks cool, it feels cool, and you can learn it!

  1. Know the risks.  Snowboarding has a chance of hurting you wrists and elbows, you gotta know before you go.
  2. Pick the mountain.  Every mountain has great instructor but some have better learning terrain.
  3. Give it 3 days. Day 1 will feel like work, day 2 and 3 will show you if snowboarding is for you.

As a snowboarder, I want you to experience the feeling of laying down a carve. Get out there and give it shot.



No matter what activity or sport draws you in, there is not reason not to give it try after you feel confident and capable.

Get fit as a fighter with TransformDojo and start being active.