You Get What You Put In

"Even if you don't think you can do it, try it anyway. I am amazed how much I enjoy learning Kenpo and Kick boxing." - J/First 10 Member

The Summary

  • Fit as a Fighter

    You can probably imagine a fighter and how fit they are, mentally and physically. The grace, confidence, strength that being fit as a fighter represents.  Is that a level of fitness you aspire to?

  • New Experiences

    The adrenaline of getting in the MMA Cage.  The Awe of standing at the top of a mountain.  The safety of a confident step on ice.  What could being Fit as a Fighter give you?

  • You Can Be a Fighter Too

    Every TransformDojo Member is a Fighter.   Fighters push harder in the last 10 seconds.  Fighters strive to be better today then they were yesterday.  Fighters work to make every move mean something.  Even if you never put on a pair of gloves on,  You can be a fighter.

Most people see the beautiful view at the top of the mountain, the Martial Artists, Hikers, Rock Climbers, and many other intimidating activities and think "If only".

TransformDojo helps people get Fit as a Fighter so they can be fit and confident enough to stop thinking "If Only" and start participating.