Health and Safety Plan

Stay healthy, get fit, live adventuosly.

TransformDojo LLC, Martial Arts, Concord, NH

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249 Sheep Davis Rd STE 3 Concord NH, 03301

At TransfromDojo, you're health and safety is our top priority

Regular Cleaning

Our schedule is spaced out to allow time for the equipment and mats to wiped down between classes and private sessions.

Optional Masks

Our group classes are always small and exercising with a mask on can difficult so whether or not you wear a mask will be up to you.

Smart Progression

Exercising comes with risks (and SO many benefits), but we will help you build up your baseline before you try the more intimidating exercises to reduce these risks.

You see the best results when you're happy, healthy, and feeling terrific.

3 steps to exercise that's more fun

Step 1

Find a class to attend or watch

Choose a class you’d like to visit and select on this page. (Attend a Class)

Step 2

Experience TransformDojo

Find your place and have some fun at the studio with Sensei Jacob and our current members

Step 1

Live a more fit and adventurous life.

Feel better and have the strength and fitness to do everything you used to do, and more!