Training Terms & Conditions

  1. Failure to attend class does not signify or imply notification to cancel this agreement.
  2. Member's failure to continue lessons during the notification or program period does not relieve the obligation to pay the remaining tuition balance in full.
  3. Undersigned assumes all responsibility for any costs of collection, including but not limited to reasonable collection agency fees, court costs, reasonable attorney's fees, and applicable late charges, that may be incurred for default payments.
  4. TransformDojo Administrators may make any modifications in the class schedule as deemed necessary. Such modification does not relieve the undersigned of their payment obligations under any circumstances,.
  5. TransformDojo Administrators may close the school on national holidays, for the purpose of special events and a period not exceeding three weeks per year for necessary maintenance and other purposes without affecting scheduled tuition payments.
  6. TransformDojo Administrators and those acting under its authority reserve the right to use photographs, videotapes, artwork or other likeness of the member for marketing, trade, publishing or any other lawful purpose.
  7. Full payment of tuition fees does not guarantee belt certification by TransformDojo Administrators.
  8. Membership is non-cancel-able and non-transferable except as stated herein.
  9. Member's failure to attend scheduled lessons relieve the obligation of the school to provide lessons after program end date.
  10. Undersigned authorizes the use of a disclosed e-mail address for billing purposes and acknowledges that e-mail text may include financial information pertaining to the membership.

Consumer Privileges

  1. All memberships are ongoing. Membership is cancel-able only once the original contract obligations have been met, for any reason, and leaves no further obligation to the seller. The member retains full membership rights and privileges until the notification period expires.
  2. This agreement may be cancelled for any reason without penalty or further obligation within 3 days from the date of this agreement. Cancellation shall be made in person and in writing to TransformDojo LLC. All money paid by you shall be refunded by the school within 30 days of receipt of this notice of cancellation. However, TransformDojo LLC may retain expenses incurred and the portion of the total price representing the services used and completed based on the hourly rate of $35.00. Initial Investment payments are non-refundable.
  3. If member becomes disabled during the membership terms, you have the right to an extension of this agreement. A letter must be submitted to TransformDojo LLC from the member's physician explicitly stating medical condition and estimated time unable to participate in the program.

By signing below, I agree to act responsible with the techniques that will be taught at TransformDojo LLC. Under no circumstances shall the information learned be used outside the school unless required for self-defense.