Train for your next adventure at home.

6+ week fitness programs to get you ready for your next outdoor adventure.

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You want to hike, bike, climb, and adventure

But, you’re pretty sure you aren’t in good enough shape.  The beautiful pictures from your favorite social media feeds call to you but you have no idea where to start.  The great outdoors feel a little too scary for you to go on that hike or enjoy an adventure without worrying the whole time.  In the end, you just don’t feel physically ready to tackle the wilderness in the way you have always wanted too.

TransformDojo’s Wednesday Workouts are an easy way to build up the fitness level needed for any adventure.


We know you don’t think you have the time, equipment, or space to exercise at home. That is why Wednesday Workouts can take as little as 5 minutes to complete.  They don’t need any equipment and need just a little space.  The short workouts means they are easier to motivate yourself for and when you are consistent you will see results.


We’d like to invite you to sign up for Wednesday Workouts, so you can feel confident about going on an adventure as soon as 6 weeks from now.

With Wednesday Workouts you’ll get an easy way to get fit and live more adventurously at home.

Weekly Workouts

Every week a new workout will appear in your inbox.  This makes it easy to use your phone or computer to get the workout done from anywhere.

Videos To Follow

You will not be left to do the workouts alone. You will get a video of Sensei Jacob doing the workout with you and giving helpful reminders and motivation along the way.

A Fitnesss Program

This is not just a random workout each week that never ends.  This is a program, designed by a certified personal trainer, that goes for 6-12 weeks and will get you ready for an adventure.

To get the results you deserve, our program goes through three phases: Stability, Strength, and Power.


This phase will improve your balance and control while laying the groundwork for the other phases.


Getting stronger will help you feel more ready to take on any challenge your adventure has in store for you.


This is the extra oomph, the last bit of energy, the thing that takes you from on the fence to feeling unstoppable.

3 steps to training for your adventure at home

Step 1

Sign up for Wednesday Workouts

It’s free just put in your name and email.

Step 2

Follow the workouts

As much as we want to, we can’t do the workouts for you.

Step 1

Go on an adventure

Do it safely, but that is why you are training. Go! please?

Train for an adventure at the studio with us

We regularly have Adventure Training Camps that are 6 weeks of group workouts and finish with a group adventure.  You don’t have to go alone. Go with TransformDojo.

You deserve to have fun while discovering your fit and adventurous life. Get into the studio at TransformDojo!

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