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We use Martial Arts and Personal Training to
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When you fit as a fighter you are
confident, capable, and active!

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Working Out At Home

Design is a funny word Overcoming the common challenges that comes with doing workouts at home. We have all had the grand idea. “I will get the workouts done at home! It will be easier to workout there anyway.  I am there when I have the time too. BRILLIANT!!” It is only in the time…
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Get Started …

Design is a funny word You are feeling confident and capable, now it is time to start being active. TransformDojo was started because far too many people do not feel confident and capable enough to be active. In the dojo, we use Kenpo Karate, Personal Training, and Kickboxing to help them get fit as a…
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Which Martial Art Is Best For Self Defense?

Design is a funny word This question has sparked many debate and maybe even a friendly fight or two. Most people think of self defense when they think of martial arts.  They may not think it is self defense that works but they do think that self defense is why people learn. But, Which martial…
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Your Training Is Not Selfish

Your children will grow into their own people but the model that you set for them will give them the base that they are starting with.
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Goals That Motivate

ou tell yourself "I'm going to do....." and then, some amount of time later, you realized that you only worked toward that goal for about a week. Or worse, you never did anything to reach it.
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Motivation Magnification

How do you find the motivation to reach your fitness, weight, or life goals in a way that your gains won't vanish like smoke in a month or two?
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Talk To Yourself

You are already talking to yourself in some way, why not do it intentionally.  Use that self talk to motivate and keep yourself in the right mindset.
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Deviate From The Plan

This advice, taken to the extreme, can be detrimental, but when done with care, can lead to great rewards.
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