Kenpo karate for adults who want better fitness and self defense skills.

- Keep your body and mind sharp and fit -

- TransformDojo's Adult Karate - 

Karate isn't just for kids, adults get huge benefits too.

- Self Defense -

Learn techniques to defend against grabs, pushes, and punches so you can feel confident you can get out of a dangerous situation.

- Stress Relief -

The exercises, punches, and kicks we do in these classes help to relieve stress.  Less stress can lead to better sleep and weight loss.

- No Pressure -

You can take your time or run toward your black belt depending on your goals and what you choose to prioritize.

TransformDojo LLC, Martial Arts, Concord, NH

3 steps to living a more confident life with self defense and fitness!

Step 1

Attend a Class

Pick a class and come in, it's free.

Step 2

Accept The Challenge

$99 gets you 4 weeks for the whole family.

Step 3

Feel Confident

Feel good about better fitness and self defense

At TransformDojo, it isn’t too late to start working toward your black belt and fitness goals.

We know that many adults feel like it’s too late to start their karate journey because the classes they have seen are full of kids.  “Adult” classes are all too often full of teenagers that bounce and believe they’re invincible.  Our adult classes are small groups that usually range from early 30s to late 50s.  We take our time and are careful in the way we challenge ourselves because kids, jobs, and active lifestyles are the top priority. We have time to get better or stronger but no time for injuries.

We want you to feel more confident at home and at work. Attend a class at TransformDojo to start living a more confident life.