Kenpo karate for children 6+ and their families.

- Learn respect, discipline, and self motivation -

- TransformDojo's Junior and Family Karate

What will you and your kids get from learning karate?

- Self Motivation -

We teach our junior members how to do meaningful practice and often remind them that they only get better if they put in the effort.

- Respect and Discipline -

A good black belt is respectful, ready to learn from everyone, and understands when to ask questions. These take time to learn, so we start on day one.

- Family Training -

The family that kicks together, sticks together. They have things to talk about over dinner and can help each other overcome the challenges of training.

TransformDojo LLC, Martial Arts, Concord, NH

3 steps to living a more confident life with self defense and fitness!

Step 1

Attend a Class

Pick a class and come in, it's free.

Step 2

Accept The Challenge

$99 gets you 4 weeks for the whole family.

Step 3

Feel Confident

Feel good about better fitness and self defense

Karate for kids at TransformDojo is taught in small groups with plenty of personal attention and a focus on doing the techniques well instead of fast.

Other studios will often have classes of 10, 15, or even 20 kids. Classes that size are overwhelming and can be hard for new students to jump into.  Big groups also means instructors spend most of their time managing the group instead of giving helpful feedback. Our classes are maxed out at 6 to prevent the intimidation of the large classes and to keep everyone progressing.

We want your child to feel more confident at home and at school. Schedule them to Attend a class at TransformDojo.