Kenpo Karate for Kids. Work Wonders!

How will your child feel and act when they are Fit as a Fighter?

You Can Save Them From

Sitting on the couch

Watching TV and playing video games are fun but to be your best and feel your best you have get up and be active.  Kenpo Karate at TransformDojo is a great source of kids fitness in Concord NH.

Lack of Confidence

Every child should believe they can do anything with enough hard work and commitment.  The first step to this is building their confidence as they get fit as a fighter.

One of Many

Other schools have your child in a class of 15 plus, where they can easily become one of the many.  At TransformDojo our karate classes are maxed out at 8 students.  Your child should never be just another student.

If they are Fit as a Fighter, then...

  • They understand the 5 school rules.

    Effort, Etiquette, Sincerity, Self Control, and Character.  They work hard at the dojo, in school, and at home.  They have good manners and are truthful with themselves, you, and their teachers.  And they are confident enough to be their own person.

  • They are strong enough to stand up to the bully.

    No one should have to deal with a bully and children that are Fit as Fighters are ready and able to stand up for themselves. They don't go looking for the fight but they have the skills needed for self defense.

  • They are ready to try ...

    You can't find your passion if you are always doing the same thing.  Kids that are Fit as a Fighter are not afraid to try something new.  In fact, they love the challenge that something new brings.

How do your family adventures change if your child is Fit as a Fighter?

Your Child Deserves More Attention

We have maxed out our Kenpo Karate Classes.  They will never have more than 8 students in them.  This means that your child gets more of the instructor's time

"We love training with you. You have us for life!"  -J/First 10 Member


249 Sheep Davis Rd Concord NH, 03301


(603) 715-5940

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Being fit is only the beginning with TransformDojo.

We know it is hard to find an activity for your child that is good for them and that they love.  You have probably tried more things then you can count but at TransformDojo we teach your child to be fit as a fighter.  Kids fitness in Concord NH has never been easier.  This is because Sensei Jacob knows what it takes to keep a child interested while making sure they learn to defend themselves, gain confidence, and improve their focus.  You do not have to feel lost about how to help your child be fit and healthy.  TransformDojo offers multiple classes that include:

  • Kenpo Karate, where they work towards earning their black belt.
  • Jr Kickboxing, where they learn to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.
  • Kids Fitness, where they run obstacle courses and challenge themselves physically and mentally.

Here's how it works:

You start by scheduling their first Free session. This is a trial that lets you experience how we teach.  Then, after your session, you decide if you (and they) are ready to become a member right then or if you would like to get to know us better with 4 more sessions. Finally, you tell everyone you know about TransformDojo because we knocked your socks off.  To make it even better, you will pay that same price for the lifetime of your membership.

Now it is time, go book that session so they can get fit as a fighter and have fun doing it!

"Sensei Jacob has been patient and reassuring when I feel like I am not getting something right and he works with me until I understand and get it right."  -R/First 10 Member

Where to Start

1. Book a Starter

Booking your first session is easy with our online system.  You pick the day, pick the time, and you will recieve a confirmation as soon as your appointment is reviewed by a Sensei.

2. Try Some Classes

Try us out and see if we are what you are looking for. You can decide if you want to extend your trial by 4 sessions, if you want to look at other schools, or if you want to become a member right away! (We currently offer all Private sessions during Covid)

3. Become a Member

We have 3 options for membership, Standard, Online, and Free.  Each has its benefits and allows you to choose how committed you are to Getting Fit as a Fighter.

The Membership Options

Online Member

$19 /month

  • Access to all online programs
  • New Programs Added Regularly
  • Free In-Dojo Starter (Extended Trial)

Standard Member

Varies / Month

  • Lifetime Price Guarantee
  • Unlimited Group Classes
  • 1 Personal Training Session Each Month
  • Access to all Online Programs
  • Access to Open Mat Times
  • Karate Classes with no more than 8 students

Punch Pass

$20 /Class

  • Pay As You Go
  • Access to Open Mat time
  • Does not include Kenpo Karate
  • Access to all Online Programs

    All of our pre-built home workout programs are at your finger tips.  We currently have the Shape Up and Kickboxing Programs with many more to come.

  • Access to Open Mat Time

    We offer the time when classes aren't happening to members to come in and use the equipment and space to train and practice.

  • Pay As You Go

    The Punch Pass allows you to pay on a per class basis.  You get a discount if you buy 5 or 10 punches at a time.

  • Does not include Kenpo Classes

    The Punch Pass does not include Kenpo classes because it is very difficult to improve and progress in any martial art if you are not practicing regularly.  We want to set our members up for success.

  • Lifetime Price Guarantee

    The price you pay when sign up will be the price you pay for the Lifetime of your Membership.  Our prices will go you but your price never will as long as you maintain your membership.

  • Unlimited In Dojo Classes

    It pays to be an In Dojo Member. Attend as many classes as you can make time for.

  • 1 Personal Training Session Each Month

    Every month our In Dojo Members get a personal training session. If you don't use it, it won't carry over so make sure you take advantage.

  • Karate Classes with no more than 8 students

    You will never be just another student in our small groups of 8.  The karate classes have a max number of students but the others do not.

  • Free In-Dojo Starter (Extended Trial)

    Everyone gets a single free session but, as an Online Member, you get 5 free sessions!

10 Minute Self Defense

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