A Quick Start For Fitness Goals

Where to start when you getting fit.

When you are trying to get fit, lose weight, conquer embarrassment, or any thing related to becoming more fit and adventurous, Do you know how to start?

This time our aim is to give you 3 easy steps to overcome the things that are getting in the way.

Getting in the way of being fit, getting in the way of feeling adventurous, or getting in the way of becoming unstoppable.

So, Start Here For:

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Are you embarrassed to exercise?


Starting to exercise can be embarrassing for everyone, especially those that feel like they are overweight.

Overcoming this embarrassment is hard because every exercise is so awkward. We often don't even know if we are doing these strange moves correctly.

The 3 steps to getting fit and overcoming your embarrassment are:

Step 1 is to Believe you are capable. I have found that a good deal of the embarrassment I and others feel comes from a belief that they are not good enough, smart enough, or fit enough.  This is simply not true! Stop lying to yourself and believe in your abilities.

Step 2 is to Start.  Nothing will work as well to overcome your embarrassment as getting up and doing the things.  You don't need to start in a big group.  Start at home, with a personal trainer, or in a small group of close and trusted friends.  Just start.

Step 3 is find some Support.  The people around you can assure you that you don't look dumb. They will point out the progress you have made. They will even make the process of exercising fun.

Go find your people.

Do you feel clumsy?

You have always been clumsy and will always be clumsy.....right?

No! You do not have to live in a world where you are constantly bumping into things.

The 3 steps to being less clumsy and improving your balance are:

Step 1 is to Stand on 1 foot. Good balance doesn't just happen. It takes practice.  Even if you don't think you are clumsy because of your balance, you will notice an improvement when your balance improves.

Step 2 is to Move your upper body.  Pushing those balance muscles harder will force you to adjust and correct when you end up a little off balance.  No more quick, crazy moves to save yourself.

Step 3 is to Walk around outside. Everything takes training and spending some time on a trail in the woods will get you using your better balance and help you get better at picking out the changes in the ground that might throw you off.

Better Balance = Less Clumsy.


Do you get too sore?


Even those crazy people that love exercising have a limit to how much soreness they are willing to put up with.

Being so sore you don't want to move is not a necessary evil of exercise.

The 3 steps to managing how sore you get are:

Step 1 is to Back Off. Exercising should make you feel better, not worse.  You should push to a certain level for the best results but if that level makes you not want to leave your bed you'll likely see no results at all.

Step 2 is to Stretch and Roll.  You can reduce the amount of time you are sore by making sure you are stretching regularly.  Adding in some foam rolling will help even more.

Step 3 is to Warm Up and Cool Down.  Believe it or not, workouts have different parts to get you the best results with as few of the negatives as possible. Not only do warm ups and cool downs reduce the risk of injury, they also reduce the level of soreness you feel.

You don't need to be sore all the time to get fit.

Do you feel out of place at the gym?

Traditional gyms are great for the people that love them. We just aren't sure that those people are sane.

There are just too many option for non-traditional gyms out there.

The 3 steps to finding a non-traditional gym are:

Step 1 is to Pick a direction. It is hard to make any progress when you don't know where to start so pick something like yoga, martial arts, or parkour and start your search.

Step 2 is to Experience.  You have no idea if you are going to love something until you try it, so try everything you can find.  You must have had at least a passing fancy for the thing so try it, you might like it.

Step 3 is to Open Your Mind.  Let the different classes surprise you.  You might be right, it might not be for you.  You are probably wrong about what happens in class though and you might need to try it 2-3 times to really know what a class is about. The instructor or a member might be able to point you in the right direction as well.

Find your non-traditional gym.


Are you always out of breath?


Out of breath because of asthma, COPD, or just for the normal out of shape reasons?  There is something you can do about it.

I have been an asthmatic for as long as I can remember, I have rescue inhalers in my pocket, in my car, and next to my bed. Even I breathe better with these tips

The 3 steps to catching your breath are:

Step 1 is to Re-Learn to Breathe. Believe it or not there is probably a better way than what you have been doing and your body does not do it instinctually when you are low on oxygen.

Step 2 is to Push when you can.  Going a bit pass where you think you need to stop will show you exactly where the line is and by experiencing a real lack of air you feel less terrified when you aren't there...and when you are.

Step 3 is to Exercise Regularly. Long breaks or irregular movement will make it all but impossible to maintain you gains.  Be consistent and you will feel the ease of breathing again.

Breathe easy, be consistent.


The 3 steps above in any of the sections will help you overcome your challenges to getting fit.