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    With this membership you can use the Shape Up - Phase 1 program to improve your fitness, balance, and stability, for Free.

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    You may not get every program we have available but you will get this program in its entirety.  You will have access to the whole 6 weeks, for no cost, forever.

  • Nothing risked, Everything to gain.

    If you aren't sure yet, this is where you should start.  You will be able to upgrade if we blow you away and you can cancel if we aren't the right fit for you.  If you don't love us, you've lost nothing.

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1. Start a Membership

  • Free At Home Member - Access to our Shape Up - Phase 1 online program
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2. Complete "Getting Started"

This short assessment will help you put your goal into words, Plan a way for you to get there, and Choose the online home workout program that will best fit you and your goals.

3. Start Training

This is the most simple step. Unfortunately, simple does not mean easy.  You just have to do the next workout.  Yes, you will have to do more than one to really see progress but you only have to focus on the next one.