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Get Fit as a Fighter

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    We have multiple programs now and always have more coming.  You will have access to every one.

  • Comes with an In-Dojo Starter

    If you are close enough to our dojo, you can try 5 Classes.  You don't have to use them right away or ever, just know that you have 5 free classes waiting for you.

  • You are not alone.

    We do our very best to help you stay motivated throughout each program.  You set benchmarks, measure progress, and we provide weekly tips to help you stay motivated, maximize your training, and become unstoppable.

Next Up

1. Start a Membership

  • Free Membership - Access to our Shape Up - Phase 1 online program
  • Online Membership - Access to all our online fitness programs
  • In-Dojo Membership - Access to all online programs and unlimited in-dojo classes.

2. Complete "Getting Started"

This short assessment will help you put your goal into words, Plan a way for you to get there, and Choose the online home workout program that will best fit you and your goals.

3. Start Training

This is the most simple step. Unfortunately, simple does not mean easy.  You just have to do the next workout.  Yes, you will have to do more than one to really see progress but you only have to focus on the next one.