Use Self Talk To Meet Your Goals

Use Self Talk to Motivate yourself and get your mindset right.

You are already talking to yourself in some way, why not do it intentionally. 

Use that self talk to motivate and keep yourself in the right mindset.

Think about something that is difficult, tedious, and all together un-enjoyable.  What words come to mind?

"I can't" "I don't want to" Please don't make me" " This is going to suck"  These are a few of my regulars.

Now, think about something that is equally as challenging, but is also something you thoroughly enjoy.  Do you feel motivated to start? Did you get an extra boost of energy?

I bet that even just the word change from "difficult" to "challenging" made you feel like it would be easier and more fun to do.


The Words You Use Matter


The words that you are telling yourself matter!

"Can't is a bad word at TransformDojo.  Members get a gentle reminder of that when they use it and they are quick to reprimand me when it accidentally slips out of my mouth.

"Can't" "Never" These are words that we use to confirm what we already believe.  Jumping onto the box is difficult both mentally and physically so we tell ourselves that we are not capable.  That way we don't need to try, and in turn fail.

I hear it all the time when when I talk about what I like to do for fun.

"That's so cool, buuuuut I could never do that"


Everything I do is just a combination of smaller skills.  I didn't start by jumping onto the 3+ foot box.  I learned how to do a squat. Then, I learned how to absorb the landing. From there, I worked on the jump.  Next, I learned to tuck my knees in the air.  Finally, I started pushing myself with higher and higher boxes.

Your beliefs can limit you or help you to become unstoppable.

Using words that are final like "never" will confirm, over and over again, that you have no chance of success.  This will stop you from even attempting.

Tell yourself that with effort you would be capable and then pick something to actually put that effort into.  The article Goals that Motivate might help you.

Take The Control Back

So, what can you do about it? How do you change the words you use and, in turn, your mindset?

You start with the first thing I said in this article.  You pick the words you use intentionally.  When you catch yourself confirming a belief that will limit you, you correct yourself.

Adding "yet" to the end of a sentence is often all it takes to make this correction.  "Yet" means it could happen someday. "I can't" is definitive, final. "I can't yet" is temporary and suggests change.

This type of correction takes time.

Don't underestimate the power of hearing your thoughts out loud.

The name of this article is Talk To Yourself and I mean it. Talk (out loud) to yourself. I often find myself saying something in a positive light out loud because I thought something negative.


Focus For Success


Use talking to yourself to focus your focus.

I do it while practicing karate. I do it while I rock climb and I do it while I snowboard.  I talk to myself so I can better direct where my focus is.

If you watched the You have the Control video above then you remember that you have more control over things then most people think.

It is true that you can't control the universe or anyone else (even your kids if you have them), but you can control you.  You can control what you tell yourself (even if it is after the initial response). You can control how you react to things.

All of this is easier when you are focused on the right things and that is easier when you talk to yourself.


Talk To Yourself

Talk to yourself so you can Stay Motivated and you need more ways to magnify this motivation, check out the article.

Talk to yourself so you can Affect Your Mindset

Talk to yourself so you can Focus

This Self Talk will help you Meet Your Goals