The Current Covid Plan

You can get fit as a fighter while you remain safe.

  • Cleaning and Distancing

    We have changed our schedule to give us plenty of time to wipe down and clean all the surfaces, including the mats, between each class or private training.  Classes are maxed out at 4 people to allow for distancing and the additional time between classes assures the first class is gone by the time the next class arrives. 

  • Our Schedule and Group Classes

    We have classes on Monday - Thursday and Saturdays. The group classes are limited to 4 members at a time for now but as demand rises this number will be raised back to our normal 8 member max.

  • 1 Month Free Trial

    The first class is always a private session so we can get to know you, your goals, and your fitness level.  After the first, you are full member with all the benefits for a whole month.

  • Masks

    The CDC guidelines say that masks are no longer required for those that are fully vaccinated so masks will be up to the individual member.  The instructor will wear one if the any person in class prefers.

Not Quite Ready To Come In?

That's alright, we have online memberships for you to start getting Fit as a Fighter at home.

Next Up

1. Try A Class

Book you first session.  After that, You get a free month to try all the classes and start to feel the transformation!

2. Become A Member

Membership is easy and includes unlimited group classes and 1 private session every month.

3. Get Fit and Active

Confidence is up, the way is clear, time to enjoy a more active (and scenic) way of life!