The Current Covid Plan

You can get fit as a fighter while you remain safe.

  • Cleaning and Distancing

    We have changed our schedule to give us plenty of time to wipe down and clean all the surfaces, including the mats, between each class or private training.  Classes are maxed out at 4 people to allow for distancing and the additional time between classes assures the first class is gone by the time the next class arrives. 

  • Our Schedule

    We have reduced our schedule for the moment so we can make changes quickly, reduce the number of people entering and exiting our facility, allow us to make sure new procedures are working, and minimize the inconvenience to members.  Classes will increase as can be accommodated.

  • Group Classes

    Group Classes will be maxed out at 4 students at a time due to the size of our mat.  When we reach a number of participants that requires you to schedule ahead, an option to do so online will be provided.  For now, enjoy the fact that we are small.

  • Private Training

    Private Training will be offered both 1 on 1 and by household.  If you are training with someone from your household you can use a body and get the benefit that comes from that resistance.  Training 1 on 1 has obvious benefits because it is just you and the Sensei.

  • Starters (Trials)

    Our Starters are a 5 Punch Pass.  This normally allows you to try any 5 classes offered at our Dojo.  These punches have been expanded to include Private Training.  This means that for around $20 you can take 5, 45 min Private Training sessions!

  • Masks

    The Instructor will wear a mask but members will be able to decide for themselves.  A mask can increase the difficulty of breathing. When we are already pushing ourselves in class this makes exercise incredibly difficult so if you are uncomfortable being in class with someone who is not wearing a mask, please take advantage of our Private Training.

Not Quite Ready To Come In?

That's alright, we have online memberships for you to start getting Fit as a Fighter at home.

Next Up

1. Start a Membership

  • Free Membership - Access to our Shape Up - Phase 1 online program
  • Online Membership - Access to all our online fitness programs
  • In-Dojo Membership - Access to all online programs and unlimited in-dojo classes.

2. Complete "Getting Started"

This short assessment will help you put your goal into words, Plan a way for you to get there, and Choose the online home workout program that will best fit you and your goals.

3. Start Training

This is the most simple step. Unfortunately, simple does not mean easy.  You just have to do the next workout.  Yes, you will have to do more than one to really see progress but you only have to focus on the next one.