What Is The Goal Of Training For Most Of Your Members?

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our members exercise and train with us because they want adventure and live confidently.

They want to go hiking, biking, gardening, and everything else with the extra balance, stability, and strength that you gain from karate and kickboxing.

As you would expect, our members came to us for many different reasons.  Not wanting to become frail as they age, looking to build the fitness to bike for longer, or finally working towards the black belt they have always wanted are just a few of the things that brought our members to us.

The thing they all have in common is the realization that they love the outdoors.  Things they never thought to try or were sure they weren't strong enough to do became possible.  Now, they go on our beginner and family friendly adventures to test the results of their training.

Get Fit NH

A fantastic example of this is Kelsey.

Kelsey started training with us to break a plateau she hit in her rock climbing. After a Kickboxing Training Camp, she found herself climbing harder and harder boulder problems. (Her current best is a V5 though the first V6 is just around the corner).  Now, both her and her son come to our kickboxing classes weekly and are often at the front of the group on our adventures.

Our members picked us because we offer small classes, personalized feedback, and have many years of experience. They stay because we keep their motivation high, keep them accountable, and expose them to all the adventures NH has to offer.