What do you think about when you think about being Fit as a Fighter? 

Do you imagine two, way too intense people staring each other down? Do they look stronger than your average bear, but have the flexibility and mobility to kick their 6ft tall opponent in the head? 

That intense behemoth that can somehow move with a speed and grace that is unrivaled is the base of the fitness goals for TransformDojo members. 

That hero that has so much confidence in their own ability that they are willing to be locked in a cage with someone that wants to knock the head off their very muscular shoulders. 

You probably don’t have a specific fighter in mind that encompasses all your fitness goals, but the Ideal Fighter will check all the boxes and then some.

  • Peak weight for their height
  • Enough strength to beat The Hulk in an arm wrestling contest
  • Energy reserves rivaling that of the Energizer Bunny
  • Confident, capable, and ready to face the world
The Ideal Fighter is strong, energetic, graceful, and confident.  Does this describe your fitness goals?  

To Get Fit as a Fighter is to work hard to check these boxes, but fighters are far from the only ones that can be described this way.  Runners and Swimmers both have energy and strength that can rival a fighters, so Fit as a Fighter doesn’t just describe your fitness goals but describes how you are going to achieve them.

Reaching Your Goals

A Fighter has to train hard, fight hard, and adapt while facing their opponent in the ring and you will have to do the same while fighting your opponent, and your’s is much harder to defeat.  Changing your lifestyle, eating healthier, exercising regularly, these are championship level bouts and you may still be an amateur in the ring. It is a good thing that you can pull in outside people.  

Your Corner

A Fighter gets a Corner person that watches the fight and gives feedback on how to attack, defend, and move.  You should bring in a coach, trainer, or friend that can guide you down the path. 

Your Cut Person

A Fighter gets a Cut person that supports them by doing their best to seal any cuts that come from getting punched and you should have the person or people you can talk to when it feels like the world is against you reaching your goals.  

Your Fans

     Finally, a Fighter gets fans, people that are behind them cheering them on even when their opponent is winning by a landslide.  You need fans too.

Who knows maybe all the roles are filled by the same person. Or all the roles are filled by TransformDojo and its members.

Getting Fit as a Fighter means that you are not going to just do the boring traditional gym workouts, where you pick things up and put them down like in the Planet Fitness commercial.  Fit as a Fighter means you improve your fitness with a team.  You get to punch, kick, bob, and weave to improve your cardio.  Do fun drills that push you physically. You even get to  bond with your fellow trainees about how mean your coach is then celebrate with them when you reach your goals.

Why FIt as a Fighter?  Because you want to workout in a new way, train like the pros, and actually enjoy staying or getting fit and healthy. 

Fit as Fighter describes what the end goal is, the mentality that it takes to get there, and what the training will look like along the way.  Is this how you want to workout? 

P.S. If you want to take on the challenge alone or with a friend, make sure you hold each other accountable.  If your ready to get some help from the people who have already started down the path. Check out a TransformDojo membership and we will hold you accountable and guide you through the workouts.