Will I Get Hurt Training In Karate Or Kickboxing As An Adult?

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, the is no fitness training that comes without any risk of injury, but our coaches work hard to minimize those risks.

Injuries in martial arts, kickboxing, and even at a normal gym are usually caused by trying exercises or drills that our bodies aren't quite ready for.  The layers of muscles work together to move us and focusing only on the superficial ones (the ones everyone can see) leaves our foundation weak and us prone to injury.

Our workouts are on done in phases so we can build the foundation, strengthen the prime movers, and train everything to work together.  During the first phase, we move slowly through the motions to reduce wobble and better our balance.  The second phase is for heavier weights and normal speed. Finally, we move quickly and powerfully before a short active rest week and starting over.

Our head coach (Sensei Jacob) is a certified personal trainer and helps to guide every member to the version of each exercise that will let them see progress and remain injury free.

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Another common cause of injury is having poor form.  As I'm sure you can imagine, we are always checking and correcting for this.  The mindset we use to ensure we have great form all the way through is one of Sensei Jacob's favorite sayings "Last One, Best One".

"Last One, Best One" makes sure we put everything we have in every exercise or drill. If you are a skier or snowboarder, you know that you only get hurt on the last run and the same holds true in the gym. The last repetition is the one that hurts us, so lets put more focus on our form as we get more tired.

While there is risk to any fitness training, there is also risk to not training.  A lack of physical activity can lead to, or make worse, common chronic diseases. Even worse, as we get older (30+) our muscles will start to degrade without regular exercise.

Have you noticed your normal activities don't keep you as fit anymore?