At Home and In Dojo Fitness Programs

Get Fit as a Fighter with Kickboxing, Personal Training, and Kenpo Karate in Concord NH.

Do you think about this?

Too Many People

It is hard to learn Karate when the class is packed with 15 plus people.  At TransformDojo your Kenpo Karate classes will never have more than 8 people in them. (4 during Covid) You're not just another student!

That Parking Lot gets Dark.

While it is best to avoid any situation where you will need to use it, knowing some self defense and being fit enough to get away is a great stress reliever.

You are not a Black Belt yet.

Who hasn't wanted to be a black belt since they saw the Karate Kid?  It's not as far away as you think so if you're looking to earn that black belt in Kenpo Karate near Concord NH then try TransformDojo.

What if you were Fit as a Fighter?

  • Would you finally be In Shape?

    Be motivated by the group, the Sensei, and the atmosphere.  The people around you will be working toward the same goals and the coach (Sensei) cares about if you are reaching those goals.

  • Would you go on an adventure?

    What is stopping you from going on the adventure now?  Do you need a friend? We have regular outings to try new sports.  Do you not feel confident or fit enough?  We will be getting Fit as a Fighter in every class. Besides, most things are easier to get started than you think.

  • Would you be a Black Belt?

    You have always wanted to be a black belt.  It is time to become one.  

Being Fit as a Fighter means more than you think.  What does your life look like Fit as a Fighter?

We Know What It Is Like To Be One Of Many

Our Kenpo Karate Classes will never have more than 8 students in them.  This ensures that you get personal feedback every class.

"I liked the workout!. Seems I like kickboxing better than sit-ups and push-ups 🙂 But I'm continuing on those too"  -D/Online Member


249 Sheep Davis Rd Concord NH, 03301


(603) 715-5940

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Short, weekly videos to help you get moving and active.

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Being fit is only the beginning with TransformDojo.

TransformDojo is the place for Kenpo Karate in Concord NH.  Kenpo Karate is a fun, powerful way for you to start living the active lifestyle you want.  In order to hike Mount Washington or try skiing for the first time you need to be fit and confident. Unfortunately, you can't put on a magic boxing glove that makes you confident or fit at the snap of a finger.  Finding the motivation to start training and working towards your active lifestyle is almost impossible because all you can see is what you can't do and you feel like you are running on a wheel, getting you nowhere.  TransformDojo's small in-dojo classes and home workout options make easy to step off the wheel.  You will get fit as a fighter, earn your black belt, and build the confidence you need to live the active lifestyle want.

Here's how it works:

You start by booking your Free Session. This is a trial that lets you experience how we teach.  Then, after your session, you decide if you want to become a member right then and there or if you would like to get to know us better with 4 more sessions. Finally, you tell everyone you know about TransformDojo because we knocked your socks off.  To make it even better, you will pay that same price for the lifetime of your membership.

Now it is time, go book that session so you can reach those fitness and black belt goals!

"I had a rest day yesterday and today I felt great getting back into the workout. You definitely keep it challenging! Having rest days really helps keep me motivated, I'm loving how I feel"  -W/First 10 Member

Where to Start

1. Book a Starter

Booking your first session is easy with our online system.  You pick the day, pick the time, and you will recieve a confirmation as soon as your appointment is reviewed by a Sensei.

2. Try Some Classes

Try us out and see if we are what you are looking for. You can decide if you want to extend your trial by 4 sessions, if you want to look at other schools, or if you want to become a member right away! (We currently offer all Private sessions during Covid)

3. Become a Member

We have 3 options for membership, Standard, Online, and Free.  Each has its benefits and allows you to choose how committed you are to Getting Fit as a Fighter.

The Membership Options

Online Member

$19 /month

  • Access to all online programs
  • New Programs Added Regularly
  • Free In-Dojo Starter (Extended Trial)

Standard Member

Varies / Month

  • Lifetime Price Guarantee
  • Unlimited Group Classes
  • 1 Personal Training Session Each Month
  • Access to all Online Programs
  • Access to Open Mat Times
  • Karate Classes with no more than 8 students

Punch Pass

$20 /Class

  • Pay As You Go
  • Access to Open Mat time
  • Does not include Kenpo Karate
  • Access to all Online Programs

    All of our pre-built home workout programs are at your finger tips.  We currently have the Shape Up and Kickboxing Programs with many more to come.

  • Access to Open Mat Time

    We offer the time when classes aren't happening to members to come in and use the equipment and space to train and practice.

  • Pay As You Go

    The Punch Pass allows you to pay on a per class basis.  You get a discount if you buy 5 or 10 punches at a time.

  • Does not include Kenpo Classes

    The Punch Pass does not include Kenpo classes because it is very difficult to improve and progress in any martial art if you are not practicing regularly.  We want to set our members up for success.

  • Lifetime Price Guarantee

    The price you pay when sign up will be the price you pay for the Lifetime of your Membership.  Our prices will go you but your price never will as long as you maintain your membership.

  • Unlimited In Dojo Classes

    It pays to be an In Dojo Member. Attend as many classes as you can make time for.

  • 1 Personal Training Session Each Month

    Every month our In Dojo Members get a personal training session. If you don't use it, it won't carry over so make sure you take advantage.

  • Karate Classes with no more than 8 students

    You will never be just another student in our small groups of 8.  The karate classes have a max number of students but the others do not.

  • Free In-Dojo Starter (Extended Trial)

    Everyone gets a single free session but, as an Online Member, you get 5 free sessions!

10 Minute Self Defense

Tips & Techniques to make you feel safer, stronger, and more confident!

3 Videos, 3 Tips, 3 Techniques, 3 Workouts.

All for only your email.

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