Kickboxing, Karate and Personal Training

- Fitness training that makes adventuring easy. -

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Are you ready to hike or climb to the next level adventure?

- Group Training -

These 30 minute kickboxing and karate class are every Wednesday at Kenpo Academy in Derry NH.

- Personal Training -

Private and Semi Private sessions are available at multiple locations and are designed for you.

- Regular Adventures -

Every other month we take a group out to take on a fun, beginner, and family friendly adventure.

TransformDojo LLC, Martial Arts, Concord, NH

While other studios struggle to marry a solid fitness plan with good martial arts training, TransformDojo uses both to create fewer injuries and better martial artists.

Our Lead Sensei (the head coach) is not only a 5th degree black belt, but is also a NASM certified personal trainer.  This combination of experience leads to exercises that are better at preparing the body for the strains of karate and gives our members a clear path to achieving the fitness level of a black belt.

At TransformDojo, our classes teach you self defense, improve your fitness, and help you live a more confident life.

How many times have you felt nervous walking to your car at night?  Have you ever thought “I couldn’t do that because…my balance is terrible, I wouldn’t be able to keep up, or I’m just not strong enough.”? When someone’s fitness improves or they feel like they have a way to defend themselves if something happens their confidence tends to sky rocket.  They stand a little straighter, are a little less afraid of speaking up, and become a little more optimistic.

We want you and your family to live more confidently. Attend a class today, don't worry all options are beginner friendly.

- Self defense and fitness - 

TransformDojo members get more out of their training.

- Private Instruction -

Every membership comes with one private training session each month.  We can focus on self defense, rank up prep, or a fitness program.

- Buddy Passes -

Training is more fun with friends so we let you bring them to class. Those that have never been to TransformDojo are always welcome and those that have can come once per month.

- At Home Videos -

We are all busy and don’t always make it into the studio. The At Home Videos are there to give you workouts and remind you of the material you may have forgotten.

3 steps to living a more confident life with self defense and fitness!

Step 1

Attend a Class

Pick a class and come in, it's free.

Step 2

Accept The Challenge

$99 gets you 4 weeks for the whole family.

Step 3

Feel Confident

Feel good about better fitness and self defense

I was looking to improve my fitness level and continue training in karate, however I did not have time in my schedule for both a gym and a karate studio. Luckily, I found TransformDojo, which satisfies both of my categories; fitness and karate. Sensei Jacob’s training workouts and karate lessons exceed my expectations and I am well on my way to attain my fitness goals.

Matt S.

I was really nervous and almost didn’t pull into the parking lot, but I’m so glad I did. You put me at ease. I wasn’t sure I was ready to come in here and I sat in the car and talked myself into it. Now I feel great!

Joe L.

I was scared I was going to become a weak old woman. I needed an exercise program that would help me get fit.  Never thought it would be Karate or Kickboxing, but I love training with Sensei Jacob at TransformDojo! 

Wanda J.

The doctor told me I needed to improve my health but the gym is the last place I wanted to be. I found a fun way to get fit that works with my schedule at TransformDojo.

Wayne L.

Do you feel the same way? Find your adventure by attending a class or joining a training camp.

Are you looking to get better fitness for your next adventure?

TransformAdventure Fitness provides personal training, kickboxing training camps, and beginner friendly adventures.

Pick a Program to get fit and live more adventurously with TransformAdventure Fitness.