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Private Trainings on Saturdays are not available for trial classes on belt testing weeks. Next belt test:

December 10th

Become more fit and adventurous with TransformDojo.

Step 1

Pick a class

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Step 2

Complete the form

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Step 3

Answer the call

We will call and answer every question you have about your first class.

What to wear/bring.

You don’t need a fancy uniform (in Karate, we lovingly call it a Gi) to visit the studio. Comfortable clothes you can easily move around in will work just fine. You’ll be barefoot or in socks (so make sure they match 😉 ) and make sure you bring a water bottle and a can-do attitude so you can have a great first experience at TransformDojo!

3 Ways to Try TransformDojo

1 Class Trial

Free Trial Class

Investment $0

  • Pick any class to try
  • Adults and kids ages 6 yrs +
  • No commitment 

This is for you if:

  • You're not sure which of our fitness programs will be the right fit.
  • Becoming more fit and adventurous feels exciting but don't know how it will fit in your schedule yet.

After This You Can:

  • Join our 4 Week Challenge, the next Training Camp, or Become a Member.
  • Use what you learn to supercharge your exercise at home and elsewhere.

*One free class per person.  Come try it. You will love it!

4 Week Challenge:

Family Fit Challenge

Investment: $99/household

  • One price for the whole family
  • Adults and kids ages 6 yrs +
  • Win a free guided Adventure

This is for you if:

  • You want a short commitment and earn free stuff.
  • Your family could use the extra motivation of training together.
  • Your tired of exercising just to exercise.

After This You Can:

  • Continue your training by Becoming a Member, or Joining a Training Camp
  • Stay active by going on adventures with us.

*This challenge can only be accepted once per family. Good Luck!

6 Week Focused Training:

Training Camps for Adventure

Investment: $199-229

  • Kickboxing style workouts to get you ready for the group adventure.
  • 6 Weeks fitness program for adults
  • All ages welcome on our beginner friendly Adventures

This is for you if:

  • You are looking for some group motivation to get you trying new exciting activities.
  • You want an easy step to living a more adventurous life.

After This You Can:

  • Join the next Training Camp with a 30% discount or Become a Member.
  • Accept the Family Fit Challenge.

*Members get 50% off of all adventures and the training camp is included in the membership.