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We’re so excited you want to attend or watch a class at TransformDojo! Just a few quick steps and you’ll be in the studio in no time.

1. Look at our class schedule below and click to attend or watch one that works for you.

2. Fill out the form and we’ll give you an email confirmation.

3. Take the first step to living a more fit and adventurous life!

Class Schedule






Private Trainings on Saturdays are not available on belt testing weeks. Next belt test:

September 24th

What to wear/bring.

You don’t need a fancy uniform (in Karate, we lovingly call it a Gi) to visit the studio. Comfortable clothes you can easily move around in will work just fine. You’ll be barefoot or in socks (so make sure they match 😉 ) and make sure you bring a water bottle and a can-do attitude so you can have a great first experience at TransformDojo!

The best place to start:

Attend a Class

Investment: FREE

  • Look at our class schedule and choose one that works best for you.
  • If you're not ready to dive right, you are more than welcome to watch.

This is for you if:

  • You want to see a class before making a commitment.
  • You're uncertain of what TransformDojo classes look like in action

Membership options after you've attended your first free class:

Standard Membership

Investment: $199/month

  • Unlimited group classes
  • One private 1:1 training per month
  • Unlimited access to online classes

This is for you if:

  • You're ready to see significant progress in your level of fitness.
  • Coming to the studio more than once a week feels exciting for you.
  • You want to climb the belt ranks and get to black belt.

*add on more private 1:1 training sessions at a discounted rate
**various payment options available

Hybrid Membership

Investment: $139/month

  • One group class per week
  • One private 1:1 training per month
  • Unlimited access to online classes

This is for you if:

  • You have a busy schedule but still want live a fit life.
  • You want the flexibility to train at home or in the studio.
  • You're interested in the benefits of karate without the pressure of belt ranking

*add on more private 1:1 trainings or group classes with punch passes