Fitness Programs to Get Fit as a Fighter

Home Workout Programs and In-Dojo Memberships

What are you missing?

Do you need more energy?

Everyone is on this quest.  Putting more gas in your tank is something that is possible by following a workout program and becoming fit as a fighter.

Is fitness intimidating?

Go to the place. Use the stuff. What to do I do next? Where are my results?  It is all pretty intimidating, but TransformDojo's  home workout programs and small classes ensure you feel as comfortable as possible while training.

Life Throws Punches

Like us, you always have that next goal, a challenge to overcome.  They aren't always voluntary, but being fit as a fighter always makes them easier to conquer.

Imagine You Are Fit as a Fighter

  • Can you see every muscle?

    Now that you are fit as a fighter, are you strong as a bull with enough energy to power a small city? Are you lean with muscles so defined you can pick each individual one out?

  • Are you confident beyond all reason?

    Is your head always held high? Imagine the confidence of a fighter. Being willing to go into a cage that is locked behind you with someone who wants to knock you out!

  • Does the world feel a whole lot safer?

    You are fit as a fighter. You are strong. You are confident. And you know how to handle yourself in a fight.  Why wouldn't you feel safe?

If all this was true, could anything stop you from trying all the things you have always wanted to do?

Small Classes and Home Workout Programs

We know it can be incredibly intimidating to jump into Karate classes for the first time or start to Get Fit as a Fighter.  So, we guarantee small Karate classes and provide Home Workout Programs.

"I feel good! Feeling stronger and more balanced already, can't wait to start week 2!"  -W/First 10 Member


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Where to start

1. Start a Membership

  • Free Membership - Access to our Shape Up - Phase 1 online program
  • Online Membership - Access to all our online fitness programs
  • In-Dojo Membership - Access to all online programs and unlimited in-dojo classes.

2. Complete "Getting Started"

This short assessment will help you put your goal into words, Plan a way for you to get there, and Choose the online home workout program that will best fit you and your goals.

3. Start Training

This is the most simple step. Unfortunately, simple does not mean easy.  You just have to do the next workout.  Yes, you will have to do more than one to really see progress but you only have to focus on the next one.

Do you need useful tips and tricks to help you get Fit as a Fighter?

If you join the RFT List you will get 1 short video a week helping you keep motivated, stay accountable, and become unstoppable!

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Being fit is only the beginning with TransformDojo.

At TransformDojo we know you want to get fit as fighter so you can live the active lifestyle of your dreams.  In order to be active, you need to be fit and confident enough to try something new and intimidating.  The problem is it's very hard to know the best way to improve your fitness, which makes you feel like it is impossible for you to tackle the hike up Mount Washington, try Rock Climbing , or master an old passion. We understand the championship caliber of the opponent in front of you.  That's why we offer small in-dojo classes and online home workout options designed to get you fit as a fighter. Confident, graceful, and stronger than a bull.

Here's how it works:

First, you start a membership, this can be a free or paid online membership or an in dojo membership.  Next, you set your goals and pick the program that best fits your personality and available time.  Finally, you start your training, we adjust when it's needed and keep you on the right track.

So, Start a Membership right now, you can stop thinking "If only" and start being Fit as a Fighter.

"Sensei Jacob will drive you to do your best and give you the confidence to push yourself to the limit!"  -J/Free Member

The Membership Options

Online Member

$19 / Month

  • Access to all Online Programs
  • New Programs Added Regularly
  • Free In-Dojo Starter (Trial)

In Dojo Member

Varies / Month

  • Lifetime Price Guarantee
  • Unlimited In Dojo Classes
  • 1 Personal Training Session Each Month
  • Access to all Online Programs
  • Access to Open Mat Times

Free Member


  • Access to Shape Up - Phase 1
  • Repeat as Many Times as You Want
  • Access to Shape Up - Phase 1

    Shape Up - Phase 1 is the 1st of 3, 6 week home workout programs in our full Shape Up Program.  This is our most adaptable program and works for the widest range of Members.

  • Access to all Online Programs

    All of our pre-built home workout programs are at your finger tips.  We currently have the Shape Up and Kickboxing Programs with many more to come.

  • Free In-Dojo Starter

    If you live close enough to join us in the dojo, your Online Membership gives you 5 free punches to come in and try some classes.

  • Lifetime Price Guarantee

    The price you pay when sign up will be the price you pay for the Lifetime of your Membership.  Our prices will go you but your price never will as long as you maintain your membership.

  • Unlimited In Dojo Classes

    It pays to be an In Dojo Member. Attend as many classes as you can make time for.

  • 1 Personal Training Session Each Month

    Every month our In Dojo Members get a personal training session. If you don't use it, it won't carry over so make sure you take advantage.

  • Access to Open Mat Times

    We offer the time when classes aren't happening to members to come in and use the equipment and space to train and practice.

Do you know how to set goals you can keep?

Can you say what good form looks like for basic exercises?

Why are your random workouts failing you?

Answer these questions and more with our weekly videos.

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