Which Class Is Best To Try First?

Frequently Asked Questions

You can discover which class is best for you by answering a couple of easy questions.

  1. Do you want to attend a Private Session or a Group Class?
  2. Are you picking for yourself or a child?
  3. Do you want to try Karate or Kickboxing?

Answering these questions, in order, will guarantee you try the right class first.

First, Do you want to try a Private Session or a Group Class?

Private sessions are usually 1 on 1 but you can bring friends or family too.  It is always more fun to train with people you know and they can help make your first class a little less intimidating.

Group classes are maxed out a 6 participants so these are small groups.

If you choose a Private Session first, click below and pick the one that fits your schedule best.

Don't see a session time that works for you? Email [email protected] for more options.

Roundhouse Kick

Second Question: Are you picking for yourself or a child?

If you are picking for yourself as an adult, get excited because TransformDojo is focused on working with you.  The majority of our members are between the ages of 30 and 60.  Head to the next question so you can decide if karate or kickboxing is the right fit for you.

Are you picking for a child age 6 or below? Your kids need a little different class experience than we provide in our normal group classes.  Their attention span is shorter and they learn best by playing games and moving to the next drill quickly.  This is why we only train these ages in private sessions.  If this is you, go back to the first question and follow the private session directions.

Children between ages 7 and 13 (plus or minus) are perfect for our Junior Kenpo Karate classes.  They will learn self defense while they work towards their black belts.  Along the way they will improve focus, discipline, and fitness.  This group can look at the schedule and pick one of the Junior Kenpo Karate classes to join first.

Finally, we have the teenagers (14 to 17).  This group is currently the least represented at TransformDojo with just a couple that train with us.  Most will fit in with the adults and can move on to the next question but some may feel self conscious with the adults so they can either join a junior class or a private session.

Last: Do you want to try Karate or Kickboxing first?

The karate classes are more focused on teaching self defense. We still do workouts but our goal is to use kenpo karate to teach self defense that works in real life.

Kickboxing is the class where we are more focused on the fitness.  These drills will improve your cardio, get you stronger, and prep you for any adventure.  We still learn some practical self defense skills but the main focus is feeling the workout.

Now that you know which class you want to try first, click the button below and attend a free class.