What You’re Looking For

Getting Fit as a Fighter is better than the normal gym workout.

You have been told over and over again that you should be getting fit, moving more, being more active.  That you will feel "better" if you are more active.  That the list of benefits is long and includes

  • Improved health
  • Improved mood
  • Lower stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • etc.,  etc.

Some studies even show that regular exercise can help memory and reduce the risk  of diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia.

You even want to do this.

The problem is that you don't have the time or the gym is the last place you want to go on a free day or after work.  To be active and do those things you want to do (like hiking, biking, or climbing) you feel like you have to have certain base level of fitness.  It feels like you already have to be strong, stable, and confident.

Do Perfect Squats

A Fighter Is

Luckily for you, a fighter is strong, stable, and confident.  You can build that base level of fitness up by getting fit as a fighter.

The same exercises that get the fighters ready to take on their opponent in that cage or ring will help you get strong.  These exercises are fun and easily adapted to fit what ever level of fitness you are now.

Are you an Armchair Athlete that is really good at sitting?  You can start with the simple balance exercises to improve your stability.  You will be surprised how much the little things like holding your guard up and balancing on one foot will help your strength, stability, and confidence.

Are you already an Elite Exerciser? You will love the added strength, stability, and confidence that Fit as a Fighter brings.  You will even be blown away by how much fun each workout is.

A Gateway Activity

Fit as a Fighter is a Gateway Activity because of the base level of fitness it gives you.  When you are participating in anything active, it will require some combination of strength, endurance, power, stability, and confidence.

Biking usually doesn't require a lot of power, but strength and endurance are a must.  Climbing needs a hardy dose of strength, power, and confidence.  Even hiking requires a solid combination of stability and endurance.

Every activity you can think of will need all of these aspects to some degree.  Someone who is Fit as a Fighter has a solid base in all of them, making it easy to transfer from one to another.

Better yet, getting fit as a fighter has a low entry level (similar to hiking) with a high skill and fitness ceiling (just like rock climbing).  This combination means that Fit as Fighter is the same as ready to try anything.

Not A Normal Gym

The gym is a huge reason people don't get fit or active.  The gym is place of confusion, discomfort, and anxiety for many of us.  Getting Fit as a Fighter does not require a normal gym experience.

First,  the people that are there with you are ready to help you, not judge you.  Every one of them will remember how awkward the first days are.  Many will even still feel that way about some aspects of their training, so they will offer words of encouragement instead of stares filled with judgement.

Second, getting fit as fighter will happen more in classes (private or group) than on your own, eliminating confusion.  It is hard to be confused about what to do when the coach or sensei is right there to answer questions.

Not the normal gym experience means less stress as you are getting fit.

Getting Fit as a Fighter Is What You're Looking For

Getting fit and becoming more active is easier when:

  • You know that you will be working towards your goals of being stronger, more balanced, and more confident.
  • You're training will help you try any other activity or sport you want.
  • The community you are entering is supportive not judgy.

Getting Fit as a Fighter is what you are looking for!